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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

A Slimey Headhunter

From Korovas

Months ago I recognized that my current job is going down the tubes.... I didn't actually start looking for a job by hitting the newspapers or internet job sites.

I just asked around in my circle of friends and a few weeks later a buddy called and asked if he could provide my information to the headhunter who found him his job.

I approved and a few days later the headhunter called me up.

I will refer to him as CandleMan. CandleMan explained that he had a client looking for a Java developer in the city I live.

It was with a very large national company and had stability. He explained the project and said he would setup a meeting with his contacts at the company.

The First Bad Sign

This was near Thanksgiving so the meeting got delayed a few times. In the meantime CandleMan stopped by my office. In my opinion that was very unprofessional.

A person looking for another job does not want his current employer to know he is looking. Had someone in my office recognized him it could of been really bad for me.

So I spent about 10 minutes talking with him outside the office. Then he asked me a few bizarre questions. He asked if my company would be willing to hire ME back as a contractor if I left. He also asked if they would be open to hire more Java developers via contract work.

He was thinking about starting a contracting firm and thought this might be a way to hold me over until the other job came through. About a week later I had a lunch "interview" with CandleMan.

The Red Flags

He brought two "managers" from his client with him. They were interested in me because I had experience using IBM's DB2 database. I was told they were a strict MSSQL shop.

This was the first sign that CandleMan was full of s__t.

The next red flag went up went CandleMan mentioned my current manager by first name.

The third when one of the managers started asking about what technology was used at my current job and future plans, not what experience I had.

When they started asking about 3rd party vendors and used first/last names that I recognized from our competitor company I said "I feel like I have said too much."

It was not a job interview at all, it was a fishing expedition for a contractor looking for an "IN" at a company.

The Truth Is Out

A week later it hit the news: the client company was laying off 80+ immediately. The two "managers" worked there and saw the layoffs coming.

They asked CandleMan to find them jobs but there were none so they decided to create a contracting company and be self employed.

They needed information about local companies to sell their services. So they setup me to fish for info.

I sent CandleMan a very sarcastic email outlining my accusations.

He apologized but denied having any intention of contacting my current employer (that's why he asked if they would be open to hire me back via a contract if I left).


  • Heh heh -- a good one. Recruiters often go fishing. Sometimes they call you up about a job. Then to get some supposed background on you they ask if you are interviewing -- and who with. Then they call up those companies after they're done with you - and have forgotten about you altogether.

    By Blogger Mark Radoff, at 12:03 PM  

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