I Hate Recruiters

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Flirting For Success

From Sound of Crickets

I was at a 'better' department store, picking out several ties to go with a newly purchased suit...

On this particular day, I was shadowed by a woman who was on her own tie-shopping expedition.

After looking over my shoulder for a while she said hello and asked for my help.

I forget whether she was shopping for her husband or son.

She fawned over my selections as I helped her go through the tables, gushing about my abilities and promising to get me work as a consultant of some sort if I wanted.

She was a headhunter and swore that her clients would pay for the services of someone who could do just what I was helping her with...

This was in the mid/late nineties and anyone with computer networking skills was in high demand. She probably wanted to find me a new job and collect the fee.


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